About Us


Alasheger Law Firm is a law firm located in Saudi Arabia, Eastern Province, Al Khobar. The firm is founded & lead by Dr. Mohammad Alasheger, attorney with over 17 years of experience. Alasheger Law Firm will service all needs required by firms, with specialization on commercial disputes and international arbitration in commercial and financial cases; and handles both start-up and established companies.
In addition to Alasheger Law Firm focus practice, we will offer services as investor representation and remove all the obstacles for investors. The firm attorneys are blingual and speak both the Arabic and English languages which will allow the foreign clients to overcome the culture and language difficulties in their business.

Our vision

Our firm belief is that outstanding lawyers are not only those with the necessary legal experience and skills, but also those with good moral qualities that are essential to the success of any lawyer and valued by our clients. Therefore, we use the highest professional and ethical standards in selecting our employees to ensure that our clients receive high quality legal services without compromising our ethical values.

Our mission

Our mission is to defend the interests and the rights of our legal clients with high quality and speed, accuracy and professionalism required.

Our goal

To make every effort to establish the foundations of the legal profession, and to raise the awareness of the society about its importance ... Advancing the legal profession to its high and distinct position

Our Clients

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